As a company, we have experienced strong growth in recent years. Over thirty people are now working for Dibalex. As a team we have ensured that Dibalex is a real player in the market. This has resulted in revenue growth, in the number of machines produced as well as in the amount of hours spent on servicing and maintenance.

Dibalex is a company with a flat structure and an informal culture. Dibalex is socially committed and focuses on people. Communication lines are short, enabling swift interaction. The people work hard and are able to work well in high-pressure situations.


Our mission

Our aim is to continue manufacturing beautiful profiling machines for the European market, with service and customer satisfaction being our highest priority. As a strong team, we are working together on customer-specific solutions.


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Dibalex - Rollforming Excellence

Rollforming excellence

Get in touch with Dibalex

The supply of customer-specific total solutions for profiling machines has been our core business for over twenty years. If you would like to become acquainted with us and our methods, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our employees.

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