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10 Feb 2019
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Commissioning Dibalex building Dordrecht

At the new Dibalex location in Dordrecht, the finishing touches and the functional layout of the work location are currently being finalized. All disciplines have now been transferred and are working.

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4 Dec 2018
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From the 10th of December, Dibalex will start working from the new location

Finally, Monday 10th of December, Dibalex will start working from the new location. The scedule is that the production / logistics moves in January. Current projects will be completed at the old adress in Alblasserdam.

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17 Oct 2018
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New corporate identity

After twenty years, Dibalex has developed a new corporate identity. The old logo has been replaced by a strong and modern logo with a contemporary appearance. The familiar blue has been replaced by a bright red colour. This new corporate identity will gradually appear on all expressions by Dibalex.

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Dibalex represents quality and reliability

As a supplier of customer-specific total solutions, we have been manufacturing technically high-quality and reliable profiling machines, profiling systems and form rollers for more than twenty years now. Our professional design methods, first-class technical specialists, years of experience and a maximised manufacturing process are used for a wide range of customers throughout Europe.

We like short lines of communication and we aim for an efficient collaboration with our clients. As a result, we develop customer-specific systems, with inventiveness and thinking proactively being important factors that yield a successful end product.

We need the creative process in order to get to the core of the issue. We aim for nothing less than the best result by designing and manufacturing good, accurate and robust systems. Thinking in terms of solutions is what makes Dibalex so successful.


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From development to delivery and maintenance

  • Customer-specific design
  • Technical development
  • Production
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Installation
  • Service, training and maintenance
  • Customisation for the perfect production lines

Dibalex - Rollforming Excellence

Rollforming excellence

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The supply of customer-specific total solutions for profiling machines has been our core business for over twenty years. If you would like to become acquainted with us and our methods, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our employees.

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