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Profiling system stop and go; this profiling machine has ten pre-punching systems that can each be flexibly programmed in length. Quick-change cassettes make it easy to change the roller sets.

Universal profiling street for warehouse racking with pre-punching of three times 50 tons. This machine has high flexibility due to the use of quick-change cassettes. The use of a flying shear enables a continuous profiling process. On the flying shear a loss is provided for both in a shearing and in a cutting house so that various products can be produced.

Width-adjustable profiling machine especially suitable for platens. This machine provides edge profiles for linking the platens together.

Single profile form profiling system with high flexibility in the punching table. By using pneumatic directional control valves in a hydraulic punching table, this machine can reach high speeds and flexible shifting. After cutting, the products are placed on a conveyor system for further processing.

Strips suitable for profiling platens. The platens can be lasered or punched beforehand and then placed on a profiling line where the final product form is profiled. Especially suitable as a quicker alternative for a press brake.

Width-adjustable machine with exchange cassettes for producing shelves. The exchange cassettes can be exchanged very rapidly by using an overhead crane. This crane can lift the cassettes, rotate them 180 degrees and then put them back again. Due to the weight of the cassettes, they are connected to the gear and extra clamps are not required.

Highly flexible profiling street for cable trays equipped with a ten-ton reel with loading chair and an eccentric press where the products are provided with holes and embossing and then cut to length. Due to a shortage of space, it was decided to transport the platens transversely before feeding them into the profiling machine. This is why the machine has a unique U-shape. After the flexible profiling machines the products are expanded in flight in order to put them together. Finally, a semi-automatic packaging machine will follow.

Profiling machine for ceiling profiles. With a speed of 80 metres a minute, this machine can achieve a maximum output of 68 pieces from a length of 1,200 mm at an accuracy of approximately 0.1 mm.

Profiling system for C profiles and Sigma profiles. This machine is flexible through the use of quick-change cassettes and the use of a 100-ton rotating blade for the waste-free cutting of profiles.

Stop and go profiling systems especially for door profiles. This machine is developed so that punching can be done after the profiling process, making it very easy to produce per order.

Small profiling system with unwinding reel.

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