Optimising profiling processes and creating new smarter ways of manufacturing is a shared passion of Dibalex. In creating customer-specific designs, our experienced engineers try to exceed the customer’s expectations by coming up with sophisticated and innovative solutions. We keep a close eye on technical developments and apply new techniques and materials in our machines, provided that we are convinced this technique has proven itself. 

Profile scanning

The requirements for tolerances for cold-rolling a profile are becoming increasingly more stringent and more accurate. In order to meet these specific customer demands, Dibalex has invested in a profile scanner that uses a laser to scan and read a profile very accurately. After scanning, the theoretical profile and the measured profile can be compared on the computer and adjusted if necessary. Please contact Dibalex for more information and to discuss the possibilities.


Unmanned process control

This 40-metre-long production line can be incorporated into an existing line and runs fully automatically. After profiling, the products are automatically passed on to the next line in the factory. The machine’s process control communicates with production planning, where the programmes are made and the order of production is set.


Automatic roller set conversion

Dibalex has come up with an ingenious solution for automatically converting profiling machines to make different products. We are extending this concept to include six to eight different form roller sets. For one of our customers, we developed a machine that forms series size 1 and then automatically switches to a different form roller set. This line makes two sheet metal products that belong together. With the new line, designed by Dibalex engineers, the different parts can be produced one after the other on a single line, despite the fact that each part has a different profile. The form rollers are swapped in just eight seconds.


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The supply of customer-specific total solutions for profiling machines has been our core business for over twenty years. If you would like to become acquainted with us and our methods, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our employees.

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